COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

At Optimum Surgical Center, we are in full compliance with the Governor’s recent mandate for ambulatory surgery centers.  As we take our role in the health and wellness of our community seriously, we have undergone several protocol changes that our patients need to be aware of.  Optimum Surgical Center is helping lead the healthcare community in The Valley in the fight to flatten the curve of Covid-19 and preserve much needed personal protective equipment.  The staff and facility at Optimum are ensuring that we are ready to help the medical needs of the nation as we stand in unison to preserve our people’s health.

As such, the following actions are effective immediately:

  1. All elective procedures or injections that are not deemed urgent or emergent by the attending physician have been delayed, per the Governor’s Ordinance.  Urgent may include intractable pain that may lead to an emergency room visit.

  2. A physician and patient attestation form indicating the need for proceeding with an injection has been adapted.

  3. Any and all surgeries that need, or have a high likelihood to need, any of the following are being delayed:

    1. Mechanical ventilation

    2. Surgical gowns

    3. Specialty masks such as N95 masks

    4. Postoperative hospitalization

  4. All orthopedic and spine surgeries have been delayed.

  5. Staff has been instructed to be judicious in the use of surgical masks for any urgent injections that proceed.

  6. All patients are screened to asses temperature, symptoms, recent travel, possible exposure, age, and co-morbidity.

  7. Social distancing in the all areas of Optimum Surgical Center is mandatory and staff interactions will be accordingly when possible.

  8. Staff will continue to follow best practice infection prevention methods such as hand washing for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizers more often.

  9. Patients that require a driver are asked that the driver stay in the car and not enter the surgical center.  They will receive a call when the patient is ready for pick-up.

Please note that these steps may change as we continue to get more information from our governing bodies.  In addition, please call with any questions and a staff member will help direct you. Most importantly, stay safe as we stand together in the fight to flatten the curve and preserve personal protective equipment!